The Enterprise Value Chain
People do work that in theory adds some value to your organization. To determine if the task truely adds value it has to be aligned with a meaningful process and that process must have a purpose. If the process is not clearly defined, it will be difficult to know exactly if it is adding value or if it is wasted time.

Business Processes constitute a significant portion of your organizational costs. Business Process Improvement does not happen by itself.

Business Process Calibration
Business process improvement has been around for a long time in many different forms. It became a major topic for many organizations with the introduction of a book called “Re-Engineering the Corporation by Hammond and Champy” published in May 1994. Since then many other books have been written and rewritten, including the original. It turns out that trying to “reengineer” your entire suite of business processes is a significant and highly risky proposition that many small to medium size companies just can't afford. Not to mention the fear and chaos it generates.

All is not lost; there is a better and gentler approach to addressing process inefficiency. Business Process Calibration does not throw away what you already have. BPC seeks to identify where a process is failing to add value to your business objectives and to eliminate the non-value add steps.

Another misrepresentation in this area is that there are “out of the box” best practices that are somehow a magic remedy for process improvement. A “Best Practice” is a process that works for your situation. It may be similar to a process the guy down the street is using, however his situation is going to be different from yours.

In order to identify, develop, and recommend the appropriate process calibration, it is necessary to look at your current process requirements as a means to achieving your strategic vision. We combine Strategic Thinking and Tactical Delivery to help you accomplish your goals.

Again, we are not in this to replace your existing ERP solution. Although sometimes we find your old faithful is costing you more off your bottom line than you realize.

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