Are you about to implement INFOR M3 in their Multi-Tenant Cloud?

We can help you scope out and manage every step by step task to ensure you have a successful implementation.

Kings Cross Consulting Inc. has been in the INFOR M3 implementation buisiness for over 10 Years. We have learned through our many successes and failures.

  • Scope mapped to business requirements
  • Step by Step action plan
  • Guide you through the decision making and Issue resolution
  • Risk management
  • We are pioneers of new methods and tools as well as champions of traditional project managemnent techniques.

    Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing Operations

    Kings Cross Consulting can help you get started on your LEAN Journey. It is a journey and not just an event. At its core is a culture of continuous improvement driven by a vision. Click to learn about our quick start programs

    The LEAN Manufacturing Implementation Map





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